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AutoMonitor Jump - World's Smallest 3G Router

AutoMonitor Jump is a miniature 3G/HSPA router that allows Ethernet-based equipment to connect and exchange information over wireless 3G networks. It contains a VPN controller that is capable of establishing transparent peer-to-peer connections from behind firewalls. AutoMonitor Jump is simple, smart, secure and very very small.

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AutoMonitor Jump can operate in one of three modes: NAT router, IP pass-through or virtual-cable.

"NAT router" mode allows multiple computers to access the Internet through the 3G modem by using Network Address Translation (NAT). This is the simplest mode and is used in the vast majority of the 3G routers on the market today.

"IP Pass through" mode (also known as "half bridge" or ZIPB mode) is a feature usually found on high-end routers that transparently connects the Ethernet network to the 3G wireless network. There is no need to set up complicated dialup scripts, port forwarding or UPNP firewalls, the equipment behind the router is directly connected to the 3G network. AutoMonitor Jump is a 3G modem with an Ethernet port rather than a classical 3G router.

AutoMonitor Jump is compatible with virtually any GSM, 3G or HSDPA/HSUPA USB modem. And for really remote locations, it even works via satellite.

World's smallest 3G router connected to the world's smallest satellite handset - Thuraya SO-2510

A unique feature of the AutoMonitor Jump is the "virtual cable" mode. In this mode, two or more AutoMonitor Jump routers act as a virtual very long Ethernet cable. The 3G network is now completely transparent to the user; the ends appear to be directly connected via cable. Users can configure and view video from IP cameras located miles away, access office printers and file servers from anywhere in the world or play LAN games with friends from another continent. Anything that works over a direct Ethernet cable also works over the AutoMonitor Jump Virtual Cable system.

If one of the ends of the AutoMonitor Jump Virtual Cable is in a location that already has Internet access, the router can simply be plugged into the local network, without a 3G modem. It will piggyback on the existing Internet connection and establish a transparent encrypted tunnel to the other end.

AutoMonitor Jump connected to Huawei E220 3G modem and IP camera

Initially targeted at the IP CCTV market, AutoMonitor Jump transforms any IP camera into a mobile wireless 3G camera, accessible from anywhere in the world. Any equipment with an Ethernet port can now be placed in a remote location or in a moving vehicle and work just as if it were connected to the local network, without any changes in configuration.

AutoMonitor Jump can also be connected to the WAN port of any regular router and transform it into a powerful 3G wireless router.


At 50 grams, 69 mm x 32 mm x 24 mm and a power consumption of less than 1 watt, AutoMonitor Jump is the world's smallest 3G router. It's actually smaller than most of the 3G modems it connects to.

AutoMonitor Jump connected to Huawei E220 3G modem.

For CCTV use, it is small enough to fit into most outdoor camera enclosures or hide behind a regular indoor IP camera.
The router can be powered from a regular power outlet, from a computer USB port or even from a single AA battery.


AutoMonitor Jump uses a standard 3G or HSPA USB modem plugged into the USB port located at one end of the router. The other end hosts the Ethernet port. The user simply needs to connect the USB modem, plug in the Ethernet cable and the power cord - that's all there is to it. The local network goes wherever the user goes.
AutoMonitor Jump Ethernet sideAutoMonitor Jump USB side

AutoMonitor Jump is configured through a web interface or by a simple one-time text (SMS) message. This allows network administrators to remotely reconfigure AutoMonitor Jump routers. In "virtual cable" mode (peer-to-peer VPN), the administrator can define multiple networks, each with its own password and layout.

AutoMonitor Jump can be shipped preconfigured for a particular GSM/3G network, for a true "plug and play" experience.


AutoMonitor Jump uses end-to-end encryption on all "virtual cable" connections. Networks are protected by a shared password, known only to the participating nodes. No software needs to be installed on any computer, so users can comply with office security policies regarding third-party software installations - AutoMonitor Jump is completely self-contained and autonomous.

Whenever possible, traffic is routed directly between nodes. If this is not possible, traffic is relayed through an external server, so you are always able to connect.

AutoMonitor Jump is available now for €99.95.

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A Virtual Cable Starter Pack (2 AutoMonitor Jump routers) is also available for €179.95.
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