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Schools and Kindergartens
Many private schools and kindergartens have classical surveillance systems and some offer the parents the possibility to check the activities that their kids are taking part of remotely over the Internet. AutoMonitor offers the option to also monitor school buses and outdoor activities with the help of a mobile camera. Parents can see what their kids are doing on their way to/from school and AutoMonitor gives them an additional sense of security. This can be an important competitive advantage compared to other similar schools/kindergartens.
Transportation and armored vehicles
By fitting the trucks or armored vehicles with an AutoMonitor surveillance system, an operator can monitor the loading and unloading of the goods as well as constantly monitor the goods while on route. In the case of armored vehicles, the transported items can be visually checked 24/7 and security protocols can be followed. For additional peace of mind, clients can also be granted access to the system so that they can check the status of their goods at any time, from a simple web browser or from their mobile phone.
Private and company cars
For private users, AutoMonitor offers complete surveillance while the vehicle is parked, recording of traffic incidents and accidents that can serve as proof in court, in front of the police or insurance companies - including in the case of theft. Teenagers can have their driving habits monitored through live video and audio.
Employers can monitor their employees and car fleets, making sure pre-established routes are being followed and vehicles are used only for company purposes. A visual inspection of the interior of the vehicle can be done remotely and employee behaviour while in traffic can be monitored and recorded for use in court, in front of the police or for insurance purposes.
Taxis and buses
AutoMonitor allows taxi operators to monitor their drivers, insuring their security and that of the passengers. The cameras can monitor vehicle cleanliness, non-smoking restrictions, meter operation or the sales of tickets to passengers. Any suspicious activity can be seen and dealt with immediately from the monitoring center.
Fixed or temporary locations
Any of the AutoMonitor cameras can be installed in fixed locations - apartments, construction sites, vacation homes, stores, warehouses - anywhere where it is too impractical (or expensive) to install a classical CCTV system (lack of terrestrial infrastructure or simply a temporary location). The system can be used for break-in and theft prevention, to monitor employees and the progress of the construction works as well as a general overview of the site. Young children, babysitters or elderly relatives can be remotely monitored anywhere, without the need for cables. AutoMonitor does not require any terrestrial connections and will not keep your phone line busy
TV crews / reporters / videocasting
AutoMonitor can easily be transformed into a live TV reporting system, to send video and audio from any breaking news location. No need for expensive vans and cameras, any car with an AutoMonitor camera installed can be used to go live as well as record the events as they unfold. No additional equipment is needed.
Private security companies, emergency vehicles
For police cars, fire trucks or ambulances, AutoMonitor allows the dispatchers to monitor any of the crews and send additional assistance if needed or remotely assist the first responders. The cameras also record continuously and the recordings can be used for training.

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