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Automonitor is an innovative mobile video and audio surveillance system, perfect for moving vehicles as well as for fixed or temporary locations lacking terrestrial communications infrastructure.

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With AutoMonitor, you can see live images and sounds from your car or your apartment directly from any web browser or from your mobile phone. If the AutoMonitor camera is located in an area with 3G+ (HSDPA/HSUPA) coverage, you can see live video at the maximum quality.

The system keeps recorded video for up to 40 hours. Video can be transferred to a computer for long time storage or future viewing.

AutoMonitor Pro demo movie 1,
vehicle is Skoda Octavia,
camera mounted behind the driver
WMV, 5.27MB
  AutoMonitor Pro demo movie 2,
vehicle is Renault Dacia Logan,
camera mounted on the dashboard, facing forward
WMV, 12.1MB

Vehicles equipped with AutoMonitor cameras can be positioned without an additional GPS system through the use of fleet management services based on cell tower locations. A GPS-enabled version of the AutoMonitor Pro camera is planned for later this year.

No special software is needed on the computers used to view the camera stream, the only requirement is an Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari) and the Quicktime Player.

AutoMonitor is currently sold in 3 versions:

AutoMonitor Pro

  • professional system with advanced functions
  • varifocal autoiris CCD lens, manual zoom
  • maximum recording resolution: 720x576 (4 times the resolution of AutoMonitor Basic)
  • 4GB Secure Digital card
  • live video and audio streaming to any computer or mobile phone
  • support for HSUPA/HSDPA/3G/EDGE/GPRS - Huawei E220, Huawei E270/E272, E160/E169
  • two-way audio (experimental feature)

AutoMonitor Basic

  • low-cost high quality system
  • fixed CCD lens
  • 352x288 recording/streaming resolution
  • 2GB Secure Digital card
  • live video and audio streaming to any computer (no mobile phone support)
  • support for HSDPA/3G/EDGE/GPRS - Huawei E220 USB modem

AutoMonitor Starter

  • entry-level, low-power (5W) system
  • fixed lens, CMOS sensor
  • 320x240 resolution
  • 1GB Secure Digital card
  • live video and audio streaming to any computer (no mobile phone support)
  • support for HSDPA/3G/EDGE/GPRS - Huawei E220 USB modem


Professional suction-cup mount

  • professional suction-cup camera mount
  • can point the camera in any direction, towards the inside or the outside of the vehicle
  • can be attached to the windshield, the side windows or any other flat surface
  • up to 3kg weight supported

Wide angle lens

  • 122.6 degrees viewing angle
  • autoiris
  • offers a wide general view of the subject
  • compatible with AutoMonitor Pro

Backup rechargeable battery

  • Lithium Polymer battery, 5V to 19V adjustable output voltage
  • 10000mAh at 5V capacity
  • powers AutoMonitor camera when the car battery is discharged or when the camera is used outside the vehicle
  • acts as a backup power supply for temporary power losses during engine cranking
  • can power an Automonitor Basic or Pro system for 5-6 hours or an AutoMonitor Starter system for 10-12 hours
  • two of these batteries can be connected together to double the capacity (12 hours for AutoMonitor Basic/Pro or 24 hours for AutoMonitor Starter)

Technical data
 AutoMonitor ProAutoMonitor BasicAutoMonitor Starter
Size in cm (LxWxH)18x7x714.5x7x77.5x11x3
Camera sensor typeSony CCD, 0.01lux Sony CCD, 0.01luxOmnivision CMOS, 3lux
Lens typeautoiris varifocal 3.5-8mmfixed 4mmfixed 6mm
Power consumption12W12W5W
SD card capacity4GB2GB1GB
Recording resolution720x576 (D1), 10fps352x288 (CIF), 10fps320x240 (QVGA), 10fps
Streaming resolution352x288 (CIF), 10fps352x288 (CIF), 10fps320x240 (QVGA), 10fps
Streaming formatRTSP/RTP stream, MPEG4 video, AMR-NB audioRTSP/RTP stream, MPEG4 video, AMR-NB audioRTSP/RTP stream, MPEG4 video, AMR-NB audio
Recording formatAVI, MPEG4 video, MP2 audioAVI, MPEG4 video, MP2 audioAVI, MPEG4 video, MP2 audio
Supported wireless equipmentHuawei E220, Huawei E270, Huawei E272 (Vodafone Pebble), Huawei E169/E160/E170, Axesstel MV110 (Zapp Z040 EVDO Rev. A), ZTE MF622 (Zapp 3G)Huawei E220Huawei E220
Operating temperature0-55°C0-55°C0-55°C
Remotely activated relay1A, 12VN/AN/A

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